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ASCO™ Numatics Series 435 Round Cylinders

The Numatics 435 Series is a line of round pneumatic cylinders that meets the ISO 6432 standard. With a stainless steel barrel and rod, the cylinder has excellent.

ASCO™ Numatics Series 441 Cylinders

The ASCO Numatics 441 Series is a line of robust, compact short-stroke pneumatic cylinders. The devices have a durable single/double rod and anti-rotation device for extended service life.

ASCO™ Numatics Series 453 Cylinders and Actuators

The Numatics 453 Series is a lighter and modern-looking cylinder line with a sturdy tie-rod inside for optimal technical performance in a variety of applications.

ASCO™ Numatics Series 438 Round Cylinders

ASCO Numatics 438 Series are round pneumatic cylinders complying with ISO6431 and are interchangeable with ISO 15552 cylinders assembled with a rear trunnion mounting.

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Pneumatic cylinders and drives from Asco Numatics & Aventics

As so-called working connections, cylinders are integral important machine elements, especially in plant and manufacturing systems engineering. As fluid technology components, pneumatic cylinders play a very special role. Among their key distinguishing features is the fact that they can be operated with compressed air of up to 12 bar. Pneumatic cylinders are particularly sturdy and resistant to malfunctions. And as you've come to expect from our products, each component has the best quality and design.

Large range of products for your individual needs and all application areas

Our Asco Numatics & Aventics product portfolio contains single-acting and double-acting pneumatic cylinders. While single-acting cylinders, such as diaphragm-type cylinders or spring-return cylinders are mechanically returned to their starting position by an integrated spring, double-acting cylinders are exclusively retracted and extended via compressed air. You can find the component that is suitable to your application in our catalog and eShop. 

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Robust cylinders for demanding ambient conditions

Our extensive program fulfills many requirements. Our focus is always on providing a diverse range of drives. Therefore, Asco Numatics & Aventics offers a great variety of pneumatic cylinders – we offer short-stroke cylinders and compact cylinders in extremely compact designs such as the SSI or CCI series, variably applicable standard cylinders with powerful pneumatic cushioning such as the PRA and TRB series, or large tie rod cylinders such as the ITS series for extremely large masses. The unique modular sealing system enables tailor-made solutions for specific applications. Furthermore, we offer drives with robust and precise linear guiding such as the MSC or RTC series, and highly robust cylinders such as the CSL series for demanding ambient conditions, e.g. in the food industry sector, or for extreme ambient temperatures of up to 150°C. 

Wide range of pneumatic accessories

To meet the requirements of a great variety of applications and installation alternatives, we offer cylinder accessories that are perfectly matched to the drive. This includes mountings according to ISO standards, as well as holding, locking and brake units made of the best materials and the highest manufacturing quality as well as sensors, which ensure precision and process safety in your application. In addition to high-precision measurements, we also fulfill your expectations regarding excellent flexibility during mounting and adjustment of the measurement range.

The perfect cylinder for your application

Enter only the key performance parameters for your pneumatic cylinder into the Asco Numatics & Aventics product filtering on site and receive a list of all applicable cylinders that are appropriate to your application. After you have made a selection, you are forwarded to the directly linked configuration program.

Of course, Asco Numatics & Aventics also offers specific cylinder solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers – including comprehensive warranties.