Pneumatic Solutions for the Rail Industry

Having to move a lot every day means you need partners and a technology you can rely on. That's where pneumatics comes in – a robust and intelligent technology. And AVENTICS – your innovative and experienced partner, with a product range that has been designed to meet the special requirements of the railway industry.

The history of our company goes back to the invention of the pneumatic brake for trains, one of the first industrial applications for pneumatics.

Today, we offer an extensive range of high quality rail specific products that contribute to long life with low maintenance. Many of our pneumatic components for railway are standard products modified to meet rail requirements. They are produced at optimum cost under high-volume conditions – worldwide, for customers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

ISO Cylinder PRA & TRB Rail

The AVENTICS Series PRA and TRB double acting air cylinders have aluminum bodies providing a clean and robust design. The PRA is a profile (non-tie rod) version, the TRB has tie rods with a round tube. Ideal cushioning maximizes speed and load carrying capabilities. Interchangeable with many other manufacturers of ISO 15552 cylinders. Configure complete cylinders (from 32mm to 125mm bore sizes) can be configured online. Quick Ship includes strokes up to 500mm for TRB and up to 1000mm for PRA. See the Quick Ship catalog for additional parameters.

CCI Cylinder Rail

The cylinder housing manufactured in a state-of-the-art process consists of a continuous aluminum profile, with a press-fit cover and bottom. The easy to clean design mostly prevents the accumulation of dirt.

The cylinders of the CCI series from AEVNTICS with a piston diameter of 100 mm have very compact external dimensions coupled with a piston force of up to 4 kN.

For CCI, compact means: up to 60% shorter than standard ISO profile cylinders.

In addition to the standard versions incl. optional strokes, a number of versions of the CCI can be configured on the Internet. Features such as special strokes, hollow piston rods, heat-resistant versions, or piston rod extensions can be selected – including documentation and CADs.

Freight Car Cylinder Actuator

AVENTICS pneumatic railcar cylinders have been the industry leader since the 1960’s. The heavy-duty, long lasting designs are perfect for the industry and keeps customers coming back. The cylinders operate hopper gates for automatic bottom dumping. Generally these are used on hopper cars hauling coal, aggregate, sand, gravel, ore or other commodities. Customers can choose between steel tubing with chrome plated I.D. or lightweight and corrosion resistant fiberglass. Heads and caps are made cast ductile iron. AVENTICS cylinders have many standard bore sizes and stroke lengths, and custom cylinders are also manufactured.

RTC-CD Cylinder

The Series RTC is the latest generation of rodless cylinders from AVENTICS, building on years of experience with rodless cylinder design. The RTC features a very robust, virtually leak-free design with high speed capability. Offering inch and metric options in four main versions, the RTC can be custom configured on-line. By choosing the Easy-To-Combine option, the RTC can be combined with other AVENTICS standard actuators to build modular automation systems.