Pneumatic Solutions for the Dairy Industry

The modern dairy industry faces many challenges. In addition to food safety as a matter of course, farm managers must optimise processes and consider sustainability aspects.

AVENTICS supports you along the entire value chain, from milk production and cheese presses to pneumatic solutions for packaging. Depending on the sector, the products are adapted to your individual requirements. We also take into account current trends in the dairy industry, such as the automation of processes or the use of low-maintenance systems.

ICS Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinders

Our ICS-D2 (304 stainless steel) pneumatic ISO 6431 cylinders meet all levels of corrosion resistance. Their hygienic design has smooth, cavity free surfaces for easy cleaning. They are lubricated with food-grade grease to allow direct contact with food.

Standard Cylinders, PRA/TRB Series

Our cylinders of the PRA and TRB series can be used for all sectors. This includes general automation technology, machine and systems construction, as well as specific sector applications. Their standardized dimensions make these standard cylinders a future-proof decision.

CleanLine Pneumatic Cylinders

AVENTICS series CCL CleanLine air cylinders meet ISO 15552 and 21287 standards and feature a cleaner profile design than competitor’s cylinders. The design minimizes potential pocket areas where dirt and contaminates can collect, making them ideal for dust-off or light wash-down applications such as secondary packaging or handling applications.

Numatics Accessories

For efficient installation on automotive and tyre equipment, our accessories range from pilot-operated check valves and tubing to flow controls to a wide choice of mufflers. Our popular fittings provide one versatile thread design for multiple thread types, cutting inventory and overhead.